You Shouldn’t Ourchase Moldavites in Certain Areas

I’ll tell you where you should avoid if you are looking for Moldavite Stones and Collections For Sale. The online market is full of moldavites, which can be quite appealing at first glance. For attractive prices, dealers offer faceted and raw moldavites. You will find a wide range of moldavite jewelerly. There is one problem. The majority of moldavites are made from green glass.

I’m talking about which markets?

The overwhelming majority of Chinese stores and markets are found on Chinese websites like AliExpress, DHGate, or Alibaba. Most of the moldavites listed on these websites are fake. The lure of making money is enough to make more dishonest sellers. These dealers buy these products and then sell them on their online marketplaces and e-shops. They claim that moldavites are real.

You can purchase the stone in its natural beauty, as an amorphous, raw stone or as a cut-and-polished stone. Some believe that faceted moldavites can have intensified energy due to the cutting process. It can be used as a laser if it is cut into geometric shapes. It all depends on your intentions and how the energy of the stones blends with yours. Whatever type and shape resonates with your heart, it is the best choice and will always produce the results you desire. Follow your heart and intuition, just like with everything else. Higher prices don’t denote personal fulfillment.

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