Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Essential Facts

Recall how proud it was to receive the new couch you chose after a lengthy process. You will feel proud when you receive your new couch after a long and difficult process. However, it is important to stay focused on the preservation of your steam star carpet cleaning . The new look will soon be replaced by a duller one due to the accumulation of dust. Even though it’s heartbreaking, the inevitable is that something could spill onto your fabric, leaving a dark patch. This will make it look ugly and unattractive. Upholstery cleaning comes in handy at this point.

The new look cannot be sustained indefinitely. But, as a home owner, you should consider regular upholstery cleaning. This can either be done by yourself or by hiring a specialist service provider. The following steps will be the same regardless of whether you hire a professional to clean your upholstery.

Vacuum Cleaning

A vacuum cleaning is always the first step in upholstery cleaning. It involves using the vacuum to clean all areas of the fabric, cracks, and cushions.

One day you may notice how dull and faded your sofa or couch looks. This can be due to dirt and dust that may have built up over the days, or from pets, children, and guests. The purpose of vacuuming is to get rid of as much dust, dirt, and pet hair as possible without needing to wet the fabric.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning, which involves dealing with each stain one at a time, is important because upholstery is prone to spillages and droppings.

Here’s a handy DIY tip. Blot any spilled liquid immediately with a clean cloth. This will prevent the liquid from soaking into the upholstery. The most common mistake people make is to rub the stain with wet cloths. This will cause it not only to spread but also deeper into the upholstery’s fibers.

Blotting is essential in upholstery cleaning. This helps to limit the stain to a certain area, where it can be either treated by the home owner, or removed by professional cleaners using the appropriate cleaning agent.

Identifying Upholstery Cleaning Agent

The choice of cleaning agents depends on two factors. First, the type and fabric of the upholstery.

The most critical step in upholstery care is to decode the fabric. It not only determines the cleaning method, but also the agent that will be used. There are many fabrics that can be used, including cotton, wool, silk, rayon and acrylic. Each fabric needs to be handled in a unique way due to its particular characteristics. A cleaning agent and technique for cleaning cotton upholstery may be different from one for leather upholstery.

Reputable upholstery cleaning services are often well-informed about the differences between fabrics. However, a home owner might not be as educated and must ensure that they understand the situation before taking any action. Home owners should use tags to help them understand the rules and guidelines for upholstery fabric.

Stain Removing

The type of stain will also play a role in choosing the right cleaning agent. The nature of the stain, like upholstery, can vary. They are usually classified based upon their source (e.g. food, drink, oil, grease or urine). Each would require a unique cleaning agent. Home owners or professionals will need to know how to best handle them.

Cleaning agents should not only remove dirt and grime, but they should also have minimal negative effects on the environment.

Upholstery Cleaning: Important Don’ts

Avoid direct sunlight. It can fade and discolor upholstery, which could lead to a ruined look.

* You must keep candles out of reach from upholstery. This will prevent any wax from getting on the fabric.

* Protecting your upholstery with a protector will allow you to keep it clean and fresh, as well as protect it from stains.

It is best not to use too many water when cleaning upholstery. The fabric could become wetter and more susceptible to mould growth.

* When cleaning upholstery, make sure you ventilate the space well with fans or opening windows. This will ensure that drying time is quick and efficient.


It’s up to you to decide how often you have your upholstery cleaned. But, we recommend that you keep it clean on a regular basis. Even though weekly vacuuming is very effective, it cannot remove deep-seated dirt and grime. Deep cleaning not only cleans your upholstery but prolongs its life span if it is done at least two times per year.

You have the freedom to choose what cleaning agent you prefer. Even though chemicals may be effective, inhaled fumes can pose a health risk.

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