Three Reasons Why Recommended Forex Brokers are Important

Reliable and efficient brokers are the cornerstones of any successful trading business, especially if you choose to use Forex traders for your trades. Loyal Forex was my top choice for Forex brokers. Loyal Forex just became a full-service private brokerage in October 2020.

They have made many innovative changes for their clients over the years and are now one of the top Metatrader4 Forex brokers. This review will discuss the benefits of Loyal Forex. It will also show why they’re one of my preferred Forex brokers.

Loyal Forex was an intermediary to Prime4x until October 2010 when they became a full private brokerage. Their reputation did not improve due to Prime4x’s many problems and limitations.

Common complaints at this time included frequent requotes and trade rejections. Loyal Forex would have been Prime4x’s preferred broker.

Loyal Forex was established as a fully-independent private brokerage. They made positive changes that benefited their clients. These changes have brought about a huge increase in customer satisfaction and more profits for clients.

Here are some highlights from Loyal Forex.

1. No Requotes, Rejections, Or Stop-Hunting

Loyal Forex has direct market access. That means orders can be put through to a market and executed immediately. It means that your Forex robot trader will not encounter any frustrating trade rejections.

Straight Through Processing is offered by Loyal Forex. It means that they aren’t market makers and don’t take any trades from you. This means they are always in your best interest and will never stop hunting you like other brokers.

2. Fixed Spreads Low Guaranteed

Loyal Forex offers extremely low fixed spreads for over 60 currency pairs, futures, metals, and CFDs. Two accounts are available to Forex traders that want the lowest spreads. One is the Fixed Standard account. This account requires a $500 minimum deposit. It guarantees a 1.5% spread on USD/JPY. The Fixed Pro account requires $2,000 minimum deposits. This account guarantees a 0.9 Pip spread, 1.5% spread on EUR/USD.

Low fixed spreads can be vital to the long-term success of Forex robot traders. For every trade that your Forex broker trades, every pip that you pay will result in a greater profit. This will give you a lot more profit over the long-term than trading with any other Metatrader4 Forex broker.

3. Forex Robot Trader Friendly

Loyal Forex has a very warm attitude towards Forex robot traders. This is unlike most Metatrader 4 Forex broker out there. Loyal Forex supports the use Forex robot traders. They have no restrictions regarding scalping or hedging. Horror stories of Forex traders making huge profits with their Forex trading robot have been common. However, they were denied those profits by Metatrader 4 Forex brokers who have anti Forex robot trader policies.

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