Publishing an Amazon Product with PLR

When it comes to reusing PLR products for profit, many people don’t see the big picture realisticpay. They just take the product as it is and post it online hoping for sales. There are worse things than this. They become ‘bucketpool sellers’ and list product after product hoping that one of them will make them rich. Although this strategy works, it’s not innovative, different, or geared towards success. This article will present a modern approach to using PLR that can prove more profitable.

It is all about using the PLR to create a physical product. This means that the book will be published as a paperback and available on Amazon. It’s a fantastic thing to do. This will give you credibility in your niche. You’ll be able to hold a physical book in your hands and have your name attached. Publishing a book is easy. Amazon offers CreateSpace, which allows almost anyone to publish a book.

Simply take the PLR file, retitle the product to make it unique, then format it in the standard page layout needed for a physical book. You can find any standard book on your bookshelf that explains this concept. You will be surprised at how much space is taken up by notes, dedications and cover pages before you even get to the content. Spread the content to at least 20 pages. For a quick volume, 40 pages would be ideal. Now it’s time to publish.