Exterior Facade Tips for the Addicted Do It Yourselfer

It’s obvious that your siding needs to be replaced, but it will still cost you a lot. Maybe you would prefer to use cedar shake, brick, or log cabin design. It would be a great way to dress up an older home. Cost is the ugly word. Costs for real cedar shake siding or cedar shingle facades can run into the thousands. Visit our website and learn more about https://www.a1facades.co.uk/.

Vinyl cedar shake and vinyl shingle siding are both options. They will last for years, even if you clean it every few years. Vinyl wood was once thought to be a cheap way to go. However, there are many options for vinyl exterior facades. Today, vinyl siding is the preferred siding material for most homes built in the US.

There are many reasons this might be, but suffice to say that vinyl wood and vinyl composite require very little maintenance. They can also be made to your specifications. You can choose any color and shade that you desire. Vinyl composite facades are strong, durable, and extremely affordable.

Vinyl siding is durable, according to some manufacturers. But, as one consumer advocate pointed out, vinyl siding that has been in disrepair will not be recycled well. It will also take forever to decay when it’s thrown in the garbage.

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